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Chinese Wall Fans

We carry the largest selection of hand-painted Chinese wall fans on the Internet.
We have two sizes of wall fan. The small sized wall fan is 24" high and opens to 40" wide. The large wall fan is 35" high and opens to 60" wide.

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Golden Dragons

Price: 28.95
Two golden dragons oppose each other in classic Asian style in this magnificent piece. The dragon is symbolic of courage and eternal life in Asian culture, while gold signifies strength and wealth.

Asian Sunrise

Price: 28.95
The early morning sun is rising on a group of cranes enjoying the waters and trees of a far away land in the heart of Asia.

Jungle Lord

Price: 28.95
Jaguars are known for their stealth, speed and gracefulness. This spectacular fan amazingly captures in close detail the likeness of an Asian jaguar.

Natures Cradle

Price: 28.95
Many beautiful natural surroundings can be found on the vast continent of Asia. This fan features an idyllic forest scene, including cranes, streaming waterfalls and trees.

Exultation in Blue

Price: 28.95
This spectacular fan is one of our most dramatic works. It features a group of Oriental cranes flying through a panorama of blue and white foliage.

Wisdom of the Peacocks

Price: 28.95
Two magnificent peacocks face each other, representing the duality of all things. The red background symbolizes good fortune in Asian culture, while the blue flowers represent the feminine energy of the universe.

Forgotten Land

Price: 28.95
This unique fan of an Asian hamlet is painted entirely in black, white and gray, providing a special artistic effect. Simple yet beautiful, this original hand-painted fan is the only one we sell in these distinctive colors.

Spring Harvest

Price: 28.95
Spring is a busy time of year in many Asian villages. This magnificent mulit-colored work of art is perfect for decorating any room.

Purple Moon

Price: 28.95
The moon is set low in the sky as it shines brightly over an enchanted village, casting a glorious light over the inhabitants in this spectacular wall fan.

Asian Forest

Price: 28.95
A peaceful forest in the heart of the Orient is the theme of this extraordinary wall fan.

Black Dragons

Price: 28.95
Two red and gold Chinese dragons oppose each other against a black background in this magnificent work.


Price: 28.95
A verdant country village is depicted as the morning sun ascends above the distant mountain.

Flying Cranes

Price: 28.95
A group of cranes fly over an enthralling land

Meeting of the Peacocks

Price: 28.95
Peacocks symbolize dignity and assurance in Asian lore. Here two stunning peacocks meet each other in this elaborate and masterful piece.

Proud Peacocks

Price: 28.95
In Oriental culture, peacocks represent pride and assurance. Two spectacular, eye-catching peacocks mirror each other in this wonderful display of Asian craftsmanship.

Oriental Cranes

Price: 28.95
A group of cranes fly over a waterfall in the heart of the Orient.

Sunset River

Price: 28.95
The last vestiges of sunlight are reflected in the magnificent waters that run through this quaint river village.

Land of the Enchanted

Price: 28.95
This vibrant landscape wall fan portrays a busy Thai village during the early morning hours.

Golden Village

Price: 28.95
A quaint village is nestled in the heart of the Orient.

Big Cats

Price: 49.95
This amazing fan must be seen in person to be fully appreciated. It depicts two stunning, life-like Bengali tigers. If you are a tiger-lover, or even just appreciate the beauty of the big cats, then this wall fan is for you.

Guilded Morning

Price: 28.95
A magnificent Thai village is painted entirely in gold, a color which symbolizes spirituality and wealth in Asian culture. The background of this fan is a striking pure black, creating an awesome decorative effect.

Paradise Island

Price: 28.95
This captivating fan depicts a beautiful and serene ocean beach in Southern Thailand. Hang it in any room to create the ultimate feeling of peace and tranquility.

Glorious Dream

Price: 28.95
Enjoy traveling to a breathtaking land in the heart of Asia with this colorful and vibrant Chinese wall fan.

Fantasy Valley

Price: 28.95
This amazing fan depicts a valley deep in the heart of China. Such places are known for their magic and beauty.

Blue Dragons

Price: 28.95
Two green color dragons contest a fiery pearl amid a striking blue background. This gorgeous Chinese dragon wall fan will add color and beauty to any room in your home.

Fiery Dragons

Price: 28.95
Two golden dragons oppose each other in classic Asian style in this magnificent piece. The background color of red is considered to be beneficial for attracting prosperity.

Red Night

Price: 28.95
A picturesque Asian hamlet is cast in a red glow during night.


Price: 28.95
A magnificent azure sky casts its reflection on the lake of a utopian Oriental village.

Green Cranes

Price: 28.95
Four majestic cranes, which symbolize wisdom and longevity, fly over a magical land.

Striking Dolphins

Price: 28.95
Dolphins are symbolic of intelligence and harmony in Asian culture. Here a pair of dolphins calmy swim through an enchanting Asian sea.

The Wood

Price: 28.95
This serene fan captures the essence of one of Asia's many natural forests. The Earthly colors of this fan will bring a feeling of harmony to any room.

Japanese Autumn

Price: 12.95
This beautiful Japanese wall fan features a scenic meadow alongside cool blue waters.

Bamboo Moon

Price: 12.95
This stunning Chinese wall fan features a golden bamboo stalk illuminated by a full moon.

Indian Stallions

Price: 12.95
Wild stallions are known for their power, stamina and speed. This fan captures a group of multi-colored stallions galloping through the wild lands of Asia.

Seaside Cottage

Price: 12.95
A peaceful seaside cottage on a tropical island is slowly awaking to a new day.

Oriental Thicket

Price: 28.95
A gentle brook runs through a colorful autumn forest in this artistic and vibrant decorative wall fan. The time is dusk and the sun is slowly setting upon the land.

Night in Asia

Price: 28.95
Add serenity and beauty to any room with this beautiful depiction of a sleepy Asian hamlet amid a full moon.

Velvet Black Dragons

Price: 12.95
The dragon was the symbol of Chinese emperors for many centuries and is attributed with having mystical powers.

Velvet Elephants

Price: 12.95
A family of elephants romp in the cooling waters of a river during the sunset hours in this beautiful fan.

Velvet Ships

Price: 12.95
Two old-time Chinese sailing ships set sail out of port in this exquisitely painted fan. The artist's choice of colors against the black velvet background creates a stunning display of sky and sea.

Velvet Village

Price: 12.95
A small Asian village is setting out to meet a new day as a lemon-yellow sun rises in the East.

6 Hand Fan Party Pack (Assorted Colors)

Price: 17.95
These medium-sized hand fans make ideal party favors and decoration. Use them to add flair to your next event or party.

10 Hand Fan Party Pack (Assorted Colors)

Price: 24.95
These colorful and attractive hand fans are the ideal way to add style and originality to any party.

Aqua Fantasy

Price: 12.95
Two Chinese cranes gracefully fly over a fantastic land of aqua mountains and water in this breathtaking fan.

Prosperity Blossoms

Price: 39.95
This beautiful hand-painted Chinese wall fan depicts cherry blossoms amid an all-red background, which is symbolic of luck and prosperity in Chinese culture.

Double Happy Fan

Price: 39.95
A beautiful bunch of cherry blossoms is the main theme of this stunning Asian wall fan. The Chinese characters for happy appear twice, next to each other, in the center of this fan making it extra good luck.

5 Velvet Hand Fan Party Pack (Assorted Colors)

Price: 19.95
Our velvet hand fan party pack makes wonderful party favors. Each velvet hand fan has a different theme and is hand-painted with a colorful design on a velvet and bamboo hand held fan. Impress your guests at your next gathering or party. Comes with 5 fans

Yellow Blossoms

Price: 39.95
This beautiful fan depicts a cherry blossom design set against a yellow background. Yellow is a lucky color in Asian lore and is associated with blessings and the devine.

3 Pack - Japanese Geisha Paddle Fan Set

Price: 12.95
This beautiful set contains three paddle fans with images of Japanese Geishas. Use them for decoration, party favors or just to fan yourself in style.

Small Pearl Dragons

Price: 12.95
Two Chinese dragons clash for the fiery pearl of wisdom in this spectacular Asian table fan. Dragons are the most revered mythical creatures in Chinese lore and still play an important role in Chinese culture to this day.

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